Century 21

Brand Re-positioning

This client came to us with two concerns: 1. They weren’t aware that they are one of NYC’s most influential fashion players--they weren’t even convinced they were a legitimate fashion brand at all! But we said, “Heck, you can’t swing a dead cat in Century 21 without hitting every top designer known to man (or woman)!” 2. They had a slogan they liked, “Fashion Worth Fighting For”, but didn’t know how to use it. So with visions in our head of half-crazed fashionistas pummeling each other as they grapple for dominance in their own personal mecca, we came up with the perfect ad campaign and called it Fashion Guernica. And it is just that. You probably saw it, the images were everywhere - in newspapers and magazines across the New York metropolitan area, on all the Century 21 trucks delivering those fancy goods to their stores, and an impressive display at JFK. Welcome to New York, now go shopping!